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I'm now also on facebook:…

I'll post photos and stuff there, a bit more often than here. There will also be something more than just concert photography. Maybe here also in future, who knows?
I was photographing a making of for finnish death metal band Medeia, as they were making their music video for their song "In Motionless Decay". The making of -series can be seen at… and the music video itself at… . I recommend everyone to check the music video, you won't be disappointed!
Hello all,

I've been a deviant for a while now. I've gotten some watchers, so I thought to share something about myself...

I started photographing seriously a few years ago when I got myself my first DSLR. Before that I had expiremented with an old Canon AV-1 film slr and some pocket cameras. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I'm (amateur) musician myself too. That's why photographing concerts it's THE thing for me.  I also find photographing people interesting, and would like to do portraits more than what I'm now doing.  I do both film and digital, but in concert photography only digital.

There's some cool things coming up, one of them is that a few of my concert photographs will be published in a concert photography book "Kamoon! Rock- ja Festarikuvaus" by Kenneth Lehtinen ( http/kennethlehtinen.deviantar… ) and Petri Vilén ( ). Go and check their work if you haven't yet, they're amazing.

I opened my website today, go and check it out!

Cheers to all,